Oh, You Stud

With the 180 that the status quo has undergone the past few decades as far as what’s considered “acceptable” male fashion, has also created a new perspective in luxury jewelry. Gone are the days of high class jewelry that was almost exclusively reserved for women. The acceptance of male bling has created an ever-growing and profitable market that now caters to men as well, by offering designer earrings for men of nearly every variation with similar features and price tags as their female predecessors.

Jewelry designers are currently making a killing now that men have begun wearing authentic diamonds. While other precious and semi-precious rocks are yet to show any success in the male fashion world, due to them still being considered primarily feminine, diamonds seem to be an exception that’s pushed through that stigma. The current male diamond cuts are typically square at the moment, but men are slowly coming around and experimenting with more diverse shapes and features. I guess, diamonds are no longer only a girl’s best friend.

In the past, men’s jewelry was dominated by silver and colder toned metals. But the male gold rush has begun and male fashion has expanded to gold studs and hoops. The primary way they tend to differ from women’s gold earrings is the sizes they come in. Just as how the male physique tends to be larger than the female form, gold earrings are following this biological example and typically are nearly two to three sizes larger than women’s earrings.

Plugs are a form of earring that has been evolving at a rapid rate. Plugs nowadays are becoming widely accepted and have moved well beyond the punk/rock/alternative scene, and now have an audience that is much more diverse. Designer plugs are now available that are made of higher quality materials in every possible gauge (size) in a large variety of colors.